Where in Temecula Wine Country - Hard Copy Book


Wine is sunlight, held together by water!"
- Galileo Gallilei


Hardcopy Book - includes $150 worth of coupons from Temecula Wineries

."Where in Temecula Wine Country" is a unique way for you to bring an element of fun and adventure to your wine tasting experience with an interactive treasure hunt.  Also featured in the book are over $150 in coupons you can use while you're visiting Southern California's premiere wine country destination. In fact, the money you save by using just a Temecula Wineries - Where in Temecula Wine Country - Couponscouple of the coupons will pay for the book itself.

Within the pages are stunning photographs of interesting fountains, sculptures, paintings and more.  They are your only clue and it is your challenge to figure out which of these elements is at which Temecula winery.  So while you're out tasting some wine, take a few minutes to peruse the grounds and see if you can find one of the elements.  In the back of the book the answers are provided as well as some fun facts about each winery and their hours.  

To make your trip to wine country even easier, we have included a map of the featured wineries in the book as well as a directory listing of wineries.  We encourage you to share your treasure hunt journey on Twitter by adding #tasteX to your tweets.  And make sure to keep up with us on Facebook where we post even more pictures, videos and fun facts.